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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 11, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> it was a theme. rihanna had under boob. and katy perry had side boob. you weren't supposed to have any of that. >> you can't tell hollywood to tone it down. they've got to be free. i support that freedom. let freedom ring. but first, though, we begin with that powerful storm that is dumping heavy snow and ice on the north yet again and spawned 15 tornadoes across the south. >> this weather system moves east after a record snow caused hundreds of thousands of power outages over the weekend. >> that's coming towards us, guys. >> reporter: cell phone cameras captured the frightening scene last night. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: as a twister barreled down on one of the main streets in hattiesburg, mississippi, leveling businesses and homes. part of the university of mississippi campus was damaged. >> people should prepare and protect themselves.
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>> reporter: the tornadoes injured as many as 20 people in mississippi. it's the same strong storm system that dumped another foot of snow on parts of minnesota. >> all the roads are slippery at this point. >> reporter: and turned roads into ice across wisconsin. in the northeast, more bad weather could be on the way after the weekend's deadly blizzard, which dumped up to 40 inches of snow in connecticut. many school districts will be closed today because roads are not clear. >> when you shovel your driveway, the plows come and put the snow back on the driveway. >> reporter: many gas stations remain closed due to widespread power outages. mass transit systems and airport operations are slowly getting back to normal for this morning's commute. >> and after thousands of flight cancellations, travelers are looking for some better conditions. >> meteorologist andrew baglini has our update, now, from accuweather. good morning, andrew. >> thank you. and good morning, rob and diana. a very unsettled sunday night in portions of the gulf coast. nearly a dozen report of tornadoes. one of the hardest hit areas, hattiesburg, mississippi.
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the same cold front that brought us those thunderstorms, giving us another round today. now, i'm not looking for a big severe weather threat, no tornadic activity. but damaging wind gusts not out of the question and flooding downpours are a big concern because it's hitting the same area. rob and diana, back to you. >> thanks a lot, andrew. with that, here's a look at the rest of your monday weather. a wet day from the carolinas to new york. freezing rain this morning in new england. blustery, with snow showers from minnesota to michigan. and snow this evening from the rockies to the texas panhandle. >> rainy and 55 in phoenix. 60 in sacramento. 30s from omaha to chicago. 40s in the northeast. 60s from dallas to atlanta. now to the search for that former los angeles police officer and suspected killer christopher dorner. the lapd has sent special protection units to guard many police officers and their families who are considered targets in dorner's manifesto. abc's alex stone has more.
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>> reporter: a tip on a possible sighting of former los angeles officer christopher dorner led police to evacuate this lowe's in the city of north ridge on sunday. but still, there is no sign of the suspected killer. and police are banning together to offer an incentive. >> collectively, this group, led by my office, is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. >> reporter: police say the reward is high because the stakes are so high. >> every day that dorner is loose, the likelihood of an attack on either a uniformed police officer or a family of a police officer is likely. >> reporter: police suspect the 33-year-old fugitive and a week-long reign of terror that left three people dead. in a lengthy online manifesto, dorner made claims against the lapd, saying it was corrupt and racist and vowed war against former colleagues and their families.
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the police chief said he is reopening the 2007 case that resulted in dorner being fired. but not to appease dorner. >> if there is anything to what he says or anything new he brings up in his manifesto, we'll deal with it and deal with it in a public way. >> reporter: police found camping gear in his burned out pickup truck in the ski city of big bear. the size of the search party was downsized because the trail went cold. dorner is former military. a skilled marksman and familiar with law enforcement tactics and techniques. the 34-year-old police officer killed in thursday's shooting will be buried in riverside on wednesday. alex stone, abc news, los this is an abc news special report. good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. we're coming on the air right now because pope benedict xvi is
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resigning on february 28th. he will resign on february 28th. the pope saying at a meeting for the beatification of saints, the pope has been pope since april 2005. he's actually vested in may of 2005, after the death of pope john paul ii. he is the first pope who will be resigning in more than almost 500 years. pope gregory, the last pope to resign in 1415. the leader of the world's more than 1 billion catholics will be stepping down on february 28th. that announcement from the vat ran this morn morning. we'll have much more ahead on "good morning america." >> -- in the city of chicago, just in january alone. 42 or 43 is the number. >> his hometown.
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>> yeah, exactly. and every major metro area has a crime problem of some kind. 42 people killed in 1 city in 1 month? that's staggering. so, something hopefully will get done. but we don't know yet. new classified reports reveal the u.s. is the target of a widespread computer hacking campaign that could cost the economy tens of billions of dollars. the report says china is by far the main culprit. the white house plans to crack down this week by getting government and private companies to simply share more information. >> so, this is quite widespread. this is a national issue at this point. so, we all have to be mindful of this. >> people love computers in this day and age. it makes things faster and more convenient. you can do everything from your laptop or desk. but there is a dark side that we're vulnerable to those malicious nerds out there who plot their evil from a keyboard.
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>> so much more vulnerable so than even a decade ago. not everybody had a laptop ten years ago. >> exactly. they had their iphones. >> and these are little computers, iphones and blackberries. they're tiny, little computers. they get hacked, as well. >> how aggressively can we call china out when we owe them so much money? so, interesting on a lot of different levels here. >> i didn't think about that. moving on to this, now. a progress report on the injured u.s. skier lindsey vonn. last week she tore two knee ligaments and broke a bone in an accident during skiing's world championships. she had surgery to repair the ligaments yesterday. her surgeon says she is expected to make a full recovery and return to competitive skiing as soon as possible. as my adoptive hometown of new orleans gets ready for tomorrow's mardi gras, they are going about it in their own
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unique way in rio de janeiro. fireworks were the signal to start of last night's samba parade. that was the signal to start all sorts of old-fashion rump-shaking. >> that's your favorite type of shaking. >> ain't that the truth? >> elaborate floats are a competition. a jury judges the dancing, music and just about everything else from the performances. the winner of the two-day competition is announced tomorrow on fat tuesday. >> which is the end of carnival season. carnival season, mardi gras, fat tuesday is the last day of the season. just that tuesday which is the last day of carnival season. >> that's it? that's the only time that it's carnival? >> mardi gras is the last day of the whole season. >> i have been drinking. he brought some good new orleans stuff. i was kicking it back. >> they don't pour them light down there in the big easy. everyone have a good carnival.
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>> have you been there for carnival? >> 11 in new orleans. but never in rio. never to the one in brazil. i know that's a whole different level. have you been? >> no. >> you would. >> i would in a heartbeat. wearing a costume next time. >> send pictures. coming up, hurry up and relax already. the benefits of taking a chill pill. >> and the memorable grammy award performances by justin timberlake and much, much more. you're watching "world news now." ♪ [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact:
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the widow of penn state coach, joe paterno, is fighting back against the official report of the scandal that brought down her husband. >> sue paterno talked with katie couric about that report. and abc's john schifrin has a first look. >> reporter: for the first time since the penn state sex scandal broke, we're hearing from sue paterno, the widow of joe paterno, in this exclusive interview that will air on "katie." >> what was your reaction when you first heard about this? >> horror. disbelief. i actually got physically ill. i couldn't read anymore for a couple of days.
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>> reporter: after the university commissioned an investigation led by former fbi chief louis freeh, he said he knew what was going on. but cared more about his football team and reported abuse to police. >> our lives are about children and making them better, not hurting them. >> reporter: it was a massive fall from grace. the legendary coach was fired. his statue, taken down on campus. now, the family is fighting back, with investigators fighting the freeh report, calling it a rush to injustice. the report claims there is no evidence that joe paterno deliberately covered up known incidents of child molestation by jerry sandusky to protect penn state football or for any other reason. this latest investigation, led by former u.s. attorney general, dick thornburgh, who spoke to espn. >> they state they carried out 430 interviews of individuals. none of those were among the principaled persons involved in
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these events. >> reporter: within hours, freeh fired back, calling the report self-serving. he's standing by the findings that the most powerful people at penn state failed to protect the children against a sexual predator for over a decade. john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> there's no question in my mind that the right thing that was done. but the freeh report, for what it is, was a lot of hearsay. there were a lot of interviews with people who said they may have thought they saw something maybe sometime a long time ago. and that was used as a powerful tool to bring down not only joe paterno, but the man behind all the -- >> hard to believe something was going on that many years and no one knew soon enough to stop it much earlier before it all came over publicly. that's what i still can't get over. so, still an awful story. we'll be back with more about the grammys.
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♪ ♪ as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ welcome back, everybody. last night's grammy awards show was pretty spectacular. nice lineup of folks. taylor swift opened the show. and we saw the return of justin timberlake for the first time in four years. j.t. fan, huh? >> oh, yeah, big-time. >> he was good. >> abc's jason nathanson was at the staples center. and joins us now, by phone, with all of the highlights. so, jason, lots of things happening. who were the big winners last night? >> reporter: definitely had to be dan auerbach. he had three wins tonight. one solo for producer of the year. so, he's the big overall winner. but when it comes to album of the year, the most coveted prize
3:18 am
of the years, mumford & sons took that for "babel." it's good to see something that's critical and commercial success win that award. >> and that band has a unique sound. and they've had a good year. so, good to see a little surprise winner. also taylor swift, she opened the show. how do you think that went? >> reporter: she did. and it was a good way to open the show. it was up-tempo. it was fun. there were clowns. there was fire. i think i saw tricycles going on. it was definitely a lot of fun and i think the people liked it. and it was a good way to open the show. >> jason, definitely a big performance by taylor swift. any other surprises for the night, huh? >> reporter: what i call the adele factor. you had a lot of stripped down performances. elton john, singing. rihanna did a soaring vocal performance. carrie underwood, just her
3:19 am
singing. adele has done this in the past and it's taken the awards by storm. it's not some big dance number, it's just about the music. and this year, especially after the whole beyonce controversy, did she sing? did she not? a lot of people wanted to prove that they could sing and they did. >> beyonce was there last night, did not perform. was just a presenter. but still, it was good to see her. and you mentioned rihanna. how was her big performance with sting? >> reporter: that was probably one of the highlights of the night for sure. definitely brought down the house at the staples center. bruno mars, sting, the marley brothers. it was a big, big number. lots of horns on stage, sting on bass, and people just love that. >> quickly, jason, any wardrobe mishaps? we hear about these every year. were the fashion police out?
3:20 am
>> speaking of stripdowns. >> reporter: we even got a memo beforehand saying, don't wear certain things, watch how you're covered. j. lo came out and made a joke about that. they flashed her in that green dress she wore a couple years ago. and she said, look, i got the memo. then katy perry, part of the chest area was missing. it was just a big cutout. people did take chances. but there were no oops moments, nothing that needed to be censored. >> thanks to jason covering the grammies in l.a. we'll be back with more "world news now." ♪
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an astronaut and recorded -- well, maybe there have been. but any way, really interesting concept. here it is. >> they're in space rocking out. >> yes, that is chris hatfield, the current commander of the international space station and ed robertson of the barenaked ladies. and they sing this song in duet, one on the ground, the other in space. very cool. it sounds wonderful. >> it does sound great. >> sounds cool. >> it's good for those guys. i'm sure they get a little bored up there, in space thousands of miles. it's good to have a little diddy you can beam back to earth. very good. nicely done. he's enjoying his job clearly, but we may no longer have one. there's a new app called guide. and basically, it turns your favorite online news and blogs into video. so, it's using this avatar
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technology. so whatever you see online you can turn it into your own personalized news anchor. so, guide has hundreds of news anchors. you can pick which one you would like to use. meaning, one day there will be no need for me and you, diana, because people can go online and -- >> get their news from a cartoon with pink hair? she's real credible. i always wanted to dye my hair pink. what am i doing trying to be credible up here? i saw a dog, too. what is that about? >> we need job security, folks. don't do that. avatars doing our job one day? that's terrible. >> that's terrible. you need to just relax. because there is a new growing research that says more daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office, and longer, more frequent vacations, boosts productivity. >> all things we don't have on this shift.
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>> and health. we have to get a memo out. >> the more relaxed and productive you are. >> i'm going to take a nap. and all you makers mark drinkers out there, they cannot keep up with the increasing demand. secret e-mails have come out from the company's executives. and they're actually lowering the percent of alcohol from 45% to 42% to keep up with the demand out there for all of the
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this morning on "world news now," february's fury. wintertime tornados hit mississippi, barreling down main street and leaving a path of damage behind. >> while the same storm system is dumping heavy snow and ice, turning busy highways into danger zones. it's monday, february 11th.
3:29 am
good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. came back for a second week, diana. that's a good sign. >> yeah. weekends are short. >> very on this shift, very. >> i was here a day and a half ago. usually not the way it works. so, i did the math. turns out i'm here every day except for saturday. >> that is it. for everyone in the building. saturday is the only day we're not in the building. so the weekends go fast for us here. >> i have to start appreciating my weekends and not sleeping in anymore. >> amen to that. something else that wasn't cooperating this weekend was mother nature. we have another thing in store, even the hard-hit northeast after a record blizzard over the weekend can expect even more snow and ice. we'll get the latest from accuweather. >> no rest for the weary. also this morning, a luxury vacation turns into a nightmare.
3:30 am
a cruise ship is adrift off the coast of mexico. it has no power and no ac. we'll explain what led up to this and now who is coming to the rescue. but you can imagine the conditions in that ship, no ac, no bathrooms, go on down the line. >> tilting a little bit. >> not pretty. and later on, so many musicians around so many memorable moments from last night's grammy awards. a full wrap-up coming up in our extended "skinny." >> i know what my favorite moment was. i'm just saying. had nothing to do with the music. my girl, j. lo, another legendary outfit from my ex-wife. jennifer lopez. it was good times. but we do begin with the extreme storms battering two sections in the country, blinding snow in the midwest. wet and wild down south. >> as many as 15 tornadoes have touched down since yesterday. hundreds of homes were damaged in mississippi and more than a dozen people injured. a twister ripped through hattiesburg and ripping off a roof at the university of
3:31 am
southern mississippi. and the danger is not over yet. southern states could be in for yet another day of severe weather. >> meanwhile, drivers across the upper midwest are facing a treacherous morning commute after getting clobbered by a foot of snow and freezing rain. hundreds of cars crashed on slick highways in that part of the country yesterday. on top of that, blowing snow created near whiteout conditions in duluth. and several cities declared snow emergencies, including minneapolis-st. paul. >> this storm system could spell even more trouble as it moves east this morning. >> meteorologist andrew baglini the tracking the storm and has the latest. good morning, andrew. >> good morning. a very unsettled sunday. nearly a dozen reports of tornadoes around mississippi and alabama. same cold front giving us a round of showers and thunderstorms for your monday. it's the same areas in alabama and mississippi. the florida panhandle, not a big severe weather threat, but damaging winds and heavy flooding not out of the
3:32 am
question. this cold front coming from a disturbance bringing rain along the i-95 corridor for the morning. a little bit of an icy mix across new england. rob and diana? >> thank you, andrew. and the cleanup continues in the northeast after that paralyzing blizzard. >> you made out where you were in jersey? >> not too bad. how about you guys in new york? >> manhattan at least. parts of long island got pretty clobbered. we were okay here in manhattan, thankfully. but not the same story for other folks. people in milford, connecticut are struggling to clear 38 inches of snow from their streets and driveways. that storm is being blamed for at least 12 deaths. answer's marci gonzalez has more from boston. >> reporter: flights and mass transit are starting to resume here. but those seem to be some of the only things getting back to normal in the areas hit hard by that massive nor'easter. prepping for the big digout in the northeast. it's slow going for residents. >> as far as you can see snow. and nobody is getting out. >> reporter: and first responders.
3:33 am
>> there was like 20 ambulances that are nonfunctional because they're snowed in. >> reporter: snowed in by as much as 40 inches in connecticut where president obama has now declared a state of emergency. the weight of all the big blizzard left mind now tracking houses and wearing on nerves. >> it's horrible. when you shovel your driveway, the plows come and put snow back on the driveway. >> reporter: many of those who are making it out of their driveways are finding the roads still a mess. on long island, the cleanup continues on streets where drivers were left stranded for hours. and back home, hundreds of thousands in new england are learning they are still without power. >> we got her bundled up in coveralls and a vest and blankets. but it's still not enough. her hands are freezing cold. so, we're going to bring her down here. >> reporter: emergency shelters still open, many schools remaining closed. as it becomes clear, lit be a while before these blizzard blues melt away. >> i think it's going to be a few days before we're back and really functioning.
3:34 am
>> reporter: and possibly slowing things down even more, the forecast for monday calls for rain, sleet, and even more snow. rob and diana? >> thank you, marci. and welcome to abc, by the way, marci. an interesting stat. the meteorologist folks go nuts for the big storms. we have been keeping all of the stats here. listen to this. top snowfall was 40 inches in hamden, connecticut. at one point the pressure of the storm was so great, it was like a category 1 hurricane in some parts. waves up to 30 feet high and snowfall rates as high as 6 inches an hour in parts of connecticut. at one point over the weekend they closed every street in the state of connecticut. that's all travel, every street, every highway, done. >> they did the same thing in boston. they were talking about fines and jail time if they found anybody out on the streets. >> they were not playing around. >> what do you do if you have to get somewhere? >> i guess it has to be an emergency. you saw the folks stuck in the snow. >> the long island expressway,
3:35 am
there were people struck there here in new york out on long island. it was treacherous getting around. it was tough. it was better that you stay inside any way. and now we probably haven't seen the end of it. >> let's hope this is the one big one for the winter. let's just get to april. now to other news this morning. more than 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members are stranded aboard a cruise ship off of mexico this morning. the carnival ship "triumph" is operating on emergency power after a fire took place in the engine room. on top of that, a tug boat is being sent to tow the ship to a mexican port. the coast guard says everyone onboard is simply making due. >> all the passengers are staying in the public areas and the open decks, because there's no air condition. the air conditioning is not working right now, which is a discomfort, but it is not a level of emergency at this point. >> that ship has to be pretty funky by now.
3:36 am
that tug boat is not expected to reach the ship until wednesday. passengers will be flown home after that. now, to the latest in the search for the former l.a. police officer, christopher dorner. a tip led authorities to evacuate a lowe's store in north ridge yesterday. but there was no sign of the suspected killer. police are hoping the million dollar reward being offered will provide them with some clues. we also learned over the weekend that dorner has some flight training. and now authorities are watching the airports. >> he's highly trained. that's what makes him so dangerous. president obama is now putting the finishing touches on his state of the union address, which he'll deliver before congress tomorrow night. we're told the focus of the president's speech will be boosting job creation and growing the economy. the president is expected to ring some alarm bells about automatic spending cuts in defense and education, to push
3:37 am
for stricter gun laws. tune in to abc news for live coverage of the state of the union. george stephanopoulos and diane sawyer will anchor our coverage beginning tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. for all of you animal lovers, it's that time of year once again. 137th annual westminister kennel club dog show. more than 2,700 dogs are in new york city right now for the big event. >> being a true lover of dogs myself, this is one of my favorite events of the entire year. what's better than seeing the best of practically every breed of dog in the same place? >> oh, lord, help us. >> the judging begins today, but we're not going to know which dog is named best in show until tomorrow night. say all you want about this event. but here's to put some things into perspective for you. westminister predates the invention of the lightbulb, the automobile, the building of the brooklyn bridge, the invention of basketball, and the
3:38 am
establishment of the world series. so say all you want about a bunch of pooches getting together and naming one cute pooch, but we've been doing this for a long, long time. >> i have no problems with animals or pets. just sometimes the people involved get a little too into it. i find it a little odd. >> this is the place to be if you are crazy about dogs. >> all about doggy style this week here in new york. it will be good. coming up, the supermodel who's putting some more skin into "the skinny." an actual run-in with chris brown. we set out to see how the paparazzi does its job. you're watching "world news now." ♪ first kid
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♪ baby there's no other superstar ♪ lady gaga on a monday. >> you've got to love that song. more trouble for chris brown over the weekend. the r&b singer crashed his porsche. and now he's blaming the paparazzi. >> there can be a big payoff for celebrity photographers if they get that great picture. so, abc's nick watt takes a look at how the whole thing works. >> reporter: ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi. that's how chris brown's representative describes it.
3:43 am
the r&b bad boy, apparently cut off in traffic. the occupants jumped out with cameras. and aggressive approached. brown tried to escape down an alley. cut off again, he slammed his porsche into a wall. no one was injured. paparazzi can earn anything from $100 to thousands for a single frame. just last month, a paparazzo was killed in traffic, trying to snap justin bieber's ferrari. a feverish game of cat and mouse playing out on the streets of los angeles. we rolled with ricardo mendoza for an afternoon. he has a network of informants, valets, baristas ladies who lunch, all on the lookout, calling in tips. >> where should i go? jones street? >> reporter: the pregnant wife of channing tatum was spotted doing yoga.
3:44 am
pregnant is good, right? >> pregnant is good. >> reporter: soon more photographers arrived. and there she is, all of this for a minor celebrity doing yoga. why? because these photos sell. that's why photographers risk life and limb, their lives as well as others, to snap it. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> see, i'm not sure what makes me sadder, the way those paparazzi go about doing their job, or there's such a market for what they do, they're able to stay in business. and make big money for those pics. which is sadder? you know? >> you're so right. as much as i want to say they should not follow those stars and they should leave them alone and let them have their privacy, i'm all over those magazines. >> there's a market for it. steven tyler is making a big push in hawaii to pass a new law called the steven tyler act, that would allow celebrities to sue a photographer if they take a picture of them in an offensive way or during a private time. the latest celebrity to take an anti-paparazzo stand. we'll see if hawaii acts. >> adam levine and britney
3:45 am
spears have also signed to support that bill. highly followed girls. these are young people who live their entire worlds in front of everybody because of these paparazzo. follow that bill. >> it can be dangerous. everyone remember princess diana? it can be dangerous. coming up next, no harmony for two superstar singing divas. we'll have the scoop coming up. and who dazzled and who didn't last night at the grammy awards? stay tuned for "the skinny." pop that hip.
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♪ skinny, so skinny you're cued up, willis. >> skinny in the house. >> welcome back to the tarzan version of "the skinny." i don't know what that was, willis. puberty's tough on him. grammys last night. maybe you tuned in and saw it. nothing crazy happening. but it was -- it had a few moments here. let's go through the big winners. album of the year went to mumford & sons. that's a pretty good band. "babel," congratulations to them. and record of the year went to gotye. with that song that you love. song of the year "we are young." by the band fun.
3:48 am
>> that's a great song. doesn't it feel like it should be from the '80s? >> it does. then best new artist, fun. pop vocal album went to kelly clarkson for her hit "stronger." and also some random highlights from the night. we talked last week about the fashion code that the grammys put into place. don't show too much of this or that or the other thing. j. lo comes out with a nice, little black number. take a listen. >> as you can see, i read the memo. >> you know, momma, you are -- [ speaking foreign language ] you look beautiful and gorgeous. and you inspired the memo. >> yikes.
3:49 am
>> i'm pretty inspired myself. >> when you can see hip skin, it might be a little too far up there. >> she is in her early 40s looking good and fit. i thought she looked great. also, justin timberlake, new album out. [ sneezing ] bless you. >> he does that to me. >> j.t. had a good night. had a great performance. and a tribute to bob marley last night as part of the telecast. you saw sting there on the left. there's ziggy, his son. rihanna was also on stage. so a lot of cool moments last night. congrats to everybody. >> that was a really big moment. i see some under boob. that wasn't allowed either. speaking of the grammys, it was opened by taylor swift, big circus act. it was really good. turns out carrie underwood and taylor swift can't stand each other. apparently grammy execs were told to keep them away from each other, not to cross paths during the awards show.
3:50 am
apparently taylor swift says that carrie has always been rude to her, so she steers clear of her. this is something being reported in "us weekly." also, toni braxton saying, look, after eight grammys and all these years in the business, i'm done. i'm retired. i'm done. she says, for what i do, i have to feel that excitement and it's simply gone. so toni braxton is out of there. but don't worry, folks, it's monday. we get a double dose of "the skinny" today. a bonus round, including a peek at another one of my favorites, kate upton. stay tuned. don't go far. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness,
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3:54 am
1988, someone else is now gracing consecutive covers of "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. it's their 50th anniversary. it's a big cover. and for the second year in a row, kate upton is back on the cover again. whoa. there you go, willis. she's 20 years old. she's obviously out there, you know, pretending to be cold in her bikini top and jacket. >> she doesn't have a bikini top on. >> the polar caps look wonderful. so, congratulations to kate. beautiful young girl. twice on the cover. >> you know what i love her? she's a real woman. she's not too big. she's not too thin. she's proportionate in every kind of way. >> i could not have said it better myself. moving on. now we're going to talk about rock-solid bodies. "fitness" magazine released a list of the 14 fittest celebrity couples out there.
3:55 am
they just happen to workout together. and here is our list. jessica beale and justin timberlake made the list. she's got a really nice body. blake lively and ryan reynolds. she has some abs. >> she ain't bad herself. blake is lively. >> topping the list, ryan seacrest and julianne hough. she's a dancer, so she's in shape. he obviously goes to the gym just to hang out with him. i've never seen him shirtless, so, i have no idea. i know she's hot. >> but she was from "american idol," right? >> "dancing with the stars." >> that's what it was. all right. very good. all of them, very fit. must be a fun time for all those folks. and speaking of fit, the gisele bundchen, wife of tom brady, released a picture on twitter showing her new baby
3:56 am
girl. look at that. love is everything. happy friday, much love to all is what she put on her twitter. so e online is the first to have images from the baby's trip to hawaii. she's 35 years old, gave birth at home in boston on december 5. >> she'll be on the catwalk in two days. >> they all bounce back fast. congratulations to the new mommy. >> they all bounce back fañcñkú?
3:57 am
3:58 am
this morning, stuck at sea. >> a fire cripples a carnival cruise ship now floating in the gulf of mexico. a tugboat is still hours away. toilets brought back online overnight. february's fury, extreme storms on the move. tornadoes tear across the south overnight, while the northeast zone gets rain today. will that extra weight cause
3:59 am
roofs to collapse? $1 million man. the new reward and the nonstop search to find christopher dorner. also, a possible sighting overnight. that manhunt meant extra security at the grammys. but that didn't dampen the celebration. we have all the highlights from the stage and the red carpet. good morning. breaking news into abc news. >> breaking news this morning, from the vatican. pope benedict xvi will resign later this month. the shocking news was announced this morning by pope. the pope saying that he'll resign as head of the roman catholic church and its billion-plus followers on february 28th. he was elected pope in 2005
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